I didn’t really give much thought to the sideways looks I received during my two months travelling around Patagonia, “Put it down to being a lesser-spotted redheaded Goddess,” I thought. I had started my journey in the world’s southern-most city: Ushuaia, at the very tip of Argentina.

It’s an odd place, not least because of its totally unpredictable weather which can change to the polar opposite in seconds. Seconds after this photo was taken of me in a fetching pair of shorts, it snowed. And when it was cold you really knew about it.. So I decided to kit myself out with some wind-cheating accessories.

Not a lover of displaying brand names if I don’t have to, I compromised on a head muffler that instead referred to the name of the local natural attraction, Mount Castor. At least then all I could be accused of was cheesiness in the extreme by declaring ‘Yo Amo Castor’ in bold letters and a big red heart.

And my head muffler (you know, those bandeau things that you usually see skiers wearing; like a roofless hat) did its job very well at keeping me nice and toasty.

I honestly didn’t take any notice of the interest shown in it as I proudly wore it up and down the length of Argentina and Chile. It was only towards the end of the trip (and as my Spanish improved) that I discovered why the mountain is so named. It refers endearingly to the furry little critters that you see in abundance running wild and free on its slopes; the beaver.

Yes, ‘castor’ is the Spanish word for ‘beaver’.

And, loud and proudly displayed on my head was a statement I wouldn’t necessarily testify to in court: ‘I Love Beaver’. Explains the questioning looks. I think.

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